Bike Jamboree

🇬🇧 Attention! A great countdown!

Attention! A great countdown!
Only 11 days until the final!
#stage37 OMG time is going on so fast! But how can it not fly away if each day is full of impressions and wonderful meetings
Already on the day of taking over the raley stick, a beautiful road along the Oder was waiting for us on the route to Żmigród and the local 113 Scout Team “Czarni” along with accommodation, performance, listeners and interesting conversations right after it great hospitality and equally great young people so much that the heart grows! It’s definitely worth riding a bike for such meetings Thank you for everything; * The next day, in turn, was about reporting on our official Instagram KROSS our path through the Barycz Valley Landscape Park which is the unusual place not only in Poland but also Europe and even the world.
Despite the December weather, the park is impressive and we can easily imagine how beautiful it must be in spring or summer. A place full of forests, meadows, pastures, and over 300 lakes and ponds. It is thanks to the latter that this place is so unique. Water reservoirs are full of fish, which makes Stawy Milickie one of the largest fish pond complex in the country. In turn, wetlands are conducive to waterfowl and thst is why so many species choose this place for growing new generaton of them. Because of so great numerous of species of birds it is one of the largest refuges of this type of birds in Europe. This combination makes this space one of the most unique ecosystems in the world.
And as for the lakes it … of course we couldn’t deny ourselves the pleasure of sailing ! We hope that we did not scare all the fish around: D the birds flew to warm countries, so they saved their eyes from uninteresting sight
In turn, straight from cold water to raise the temperature, we went to a lecture in Krotoszyn in front of a large audience All thanks to a friend of the project and a lovely person Magdalena Weronika Banaszek, who not only organized a meeting with fans of two wheels in this city, but also a delicious dinner feast and breakfast at the Restaurant Cristal Krotoszyn. Could there be anything better for a weary biker after a whole day than a full tummy? ;D Thank you for this extremely warm welcome and we are sure that we will visit Krotoszyn again
Who has not seen the report from that day are welcome to watch here… unhqIrL6xKuD-KZJfNVjhyM_eGIv2wNLwRhJsmgR9DMrRbexp9
Now we are heading towards Kalisz, Pleszew and Jarocin who is going to meet ??

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