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Ahoy! Good morning!

Damian and Jolanta from #stage36 (Germany – Czech Republic – Poland) send greetings from the tour.
Ahoy! Good morning!
We are reporting from the Czech Republic. Ah, what a country! Not only is the whole wavy, but the language is not small hece. Do you know that “čerstvý chléb” is not stale at all in the Czech Republic? Or that if you go “to záchod” you will not go west and go to the toilet? But there are still a few language linguistics to mention.

What’s up with us? The weather is beautiful, it is not raining, the sun is shining. We crossed the German-Czech border on a tiny bridge in Schwarzach. The Czech Republic welcomed us with a picturesque landscape of hills of the Czech Forest – a protected landscape area. It was worth coming up for these beautiful views. We spent the night in Tachov and the next day we left Plzeňský Kraj to reach through Mariánské Lázně to Karlovy Vary – the seat of Karlovarský Kraj. We rode a wonderfully long ravine among the hills and downhill. Both of these charming cities are spas known for their hot springs with healing mineral water. We sipped her and we!

However, it was time to go back to Plzeňský Kraj, this time to its capital city – Pilsen. The weather that day was unfortunately not gracious, a wall of rain found us, but we got to the dry thread soaked to it. This is a beautiful city known among others from Škoda breweries and cars, it is inhabited by wonderful Poles, Krzysztof Krzy Ro Sz, his wife Magda and children Igor, Paulinka and Nataszka. It was great to be able to meet our compatriots abroad and talk about our project. Thank you for great hospitality and for help in drying things. And now? Now we are heading to Prague for our relay rod to visit the last capital. And we … ate dumplings: D

You cannot fail to mention our wonderful stalls from #KROSS, which transport us without problems in this demanding terrain, #Crosso panniers and dawn jackets from #PAJAK.


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