Bike Jamboree

Beautiful Meknes and an unexpected change of plans

This is the seventh day of our Moroccan adventure. It’s time to leave the city of Meknes VIII century and go further. The plan is very easy – we head towards the mountains to finally reach Ouezzane after 130km. We do not yet know that life will write its script and eventually we will find ourselves in a completely different place, but in turn. The first rays of the sun in Meknes break through the windows of the Medina buildings. We pack our panniers, say goodbye to the lovable host and set off. At the beginning of a significant driveway, and this means that Meknes will say goodbye to us with a wonderful view of olive groves with the walls of the old Medina emerging in the distance. Believe me, the unearthly view. However, time is galloping inexorably. During one of the first downhill slopes, we lose our way – of course, through the chatty of the leaders 😉 and the inhabitants of one of the villages must show us a different path that we should cross to the other side of the river. Further on, there is a long descent to Sidi Kacem with amazing views, but also many short climbs. So no one is bored, and the calves warm up to the last over 50km, where the majority will be driveways. At this point, it is worth adding that Kross bikes perform sensationally on steep climbs as well as on winding endless descents. From above, we look like an escape from the peloton on the Tour de France.

In Sidi Kacem fast loading of carbohydrates and protein and you can move on towards Chefchaouen. Before traveling to Morocco, we thoroughly read all the information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, contacted the embassy to obtain the necessary information. So we chose the route, which according to available sources is most okay. Leaving the city, however, we meet a policeman who prohibits us from traveling further in the chosen direction and offers us an alternative route – the national road that leads to Souk el Arba du Gharb. We accept his advice, as well as delicious, ripe oranges 🍊 🍊 🍊. Thus, we have 55 km of completely different, quite flat route and access to a completely unplanned town.
We reach the souk el Arba with an escort of an unmarked police car. This is further evidence that the Moroccan kingdom is very concerned about the security of foreigners. The towns we pass by are not the most interesting, and our presence is received like a UFO landing at a roadside marketplace. Souk el Arba itself does not make a good impression on us either – and certainly not the hotel where we had to sleep;) Fortunately, we only spend one night there, and in the morning we head towards Chefchouen. Despite the police’s assurances that the Souk el Arba – Chefchouen route we have chosen to defeat, we decide on additional security after the events of the previous day. Puffing cold is not too much so we throw bikes with panniers on the bus and go towards the blue city!


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