Bike Jamboree

There will never be such a Toubkal again.

Since we didn’t want to o down from Toubkal by the same path, we decided to descend from the top with the northern ridge and continue gully towards the Oued Tifnoute valley. The most charming way. In the gully, narrow bends of the constructed path, which clearly had economic importance once, but is now completely forgotten by both tourists and mule herders. Again, the whole mountains were only for us. During 14 km of descent to the first village we did not meet anyone. At the exit of the gully we found beautiful acoustics, where we traditionally roared KAAAZIIIK NOOOWAAAK. Echo stood up to the challenge and roared with all his might with us. Trekking down took us 8 hours. 21 km of road and 2,400 meters of leveling. For dinner – a vegetarian tajin with beef, and then a ride in a rickety Ford, on the roof of which local boys jumped. A beautiful, long and tiring day. Aching calves and thighs reminded us to leave Toubkala for the next days. Lazy wake up, lack of “cooperation to life” clear signs of fatigue or infatuation with Toubkalem. Suffice to say that we drove 4 km on the first day after going down. to have breakfast after another 3 km. we stopped for coffee and we finished the whole day after driving only 35 km. To reach Marrakech, we still have to climb another high mountain pass: Tizin Test (2100 m). The beginning of the uphill ride at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level and 36 km still uphill. There were no such views yet. Sunny exposure, an infinite number of turns. On some roadside cafes, where we successfully hydrated, seeking refreshment. On the pass itself, an icy wind and a super cozy hostel, which became our haven before the last day of travel. The next day, we only have to get to Marrakech. Trifle. 140 km. Generally downhill, although there was more than 1000 meters of ascent.
In Marrakech rest, Moroccan rose and stage 32.



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