Bike Jamboree

Allah is great and there is no God over Allah

From the nap, I was woken by the prayer calls of the muezzin, which regularly remind the faithful that Allah is great and there is no God over Allah. The whole life of the Moroccan interior takes place in the rhythm of these calls and prayers, which faithful Muslims practice everywhere where they find the required time of day. They spread their rugs and facing Mecca, bow down and recite the appropriate verses.
There is mysticism in it that also touches people from other cultures.
From Ouarzazate, two exploration teams of the 31st stage of Bikejamboree continue their journey to Gdańsk. “Mountain Goats” entered the depths of the High Atlas, consistently gaining height to be as close as possible to Jebl Toubkal, the highest mountain in all of North Africa (4167 m). Along the way, bicycle climbing to 2,270 m. For the first time Dominika and Monika exceeded 2000 meters above sea level. We gave them light baptisms, pouring water from water bottles. According to the heat, it was rather pleasant.
Finally, we left the beaten tourist routes and returned to Nowakowe wilderness. Accommodation on terraces in roadside billions of small hotels, staring at the milky way and waiting for the last call of the muezzin. Living in the rhythm of nature, sunrise and sunset, rest in the hottest moments of the day, we have everything in the price of our “all exclusive” holidays
But even the most accurate travel plans can be verified by the weather and well-being of the expedition participants. Because of the storm, it was not known if and when Jebl Toubkal would allow us to look down on ourselves. You will learn about how we went from the film production, which will soon see the light of day.

Meanwhile, the “Berber Caravan”, or Manuela, Piotr and Mirko, after gaining strength in Moroccan Hollywood, won the Unesco World Heritage, Kazba Ait Ben Hadou and headed for Tizin Tichka – a high mountain pass at an altitude of 2260 meters above sea level.


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