Bike Jamboree

Hyperfast bike-train from Agadir to Tarudant

So here how it went. It was windy. Wind in the back. Hot. Everywhere. We left late, around 1pm. When we arrived after 2 hours and a quarter it was well over 30 degrees C. Flat route. Distance 47.5 km. Cycling bitumens. The pace is dizzying on the first day. Average 21.94 km / h. Bikes with luggage weigh approx. 35 kg each.

The first destination on the route is Tarudant. A large city, mostly surrounded by fortified sandstone walls, which are decorated with rhythmically arranged towers and flanks. We enter the city through an ornate gate in the wall. Further on through the winding and cramped maze of streets we break through to the apartment. Merciful heat is pouring from the sky.

And in the evening, when the heat has eased, we are walking inside the fortified city. There is a souq. There are cabs. The smell of hay, baked fish and cheap perfumes. There are guys in sukmanami and dresses. There are “princesses” in colorful, ornate dresses and shawls on their hair. It is busy and crowded. There are lots of children everywhere, although it is already a good night. The city is teeming with life. Torn bikes squeak, motorbikes and scooters whip and trumpet. Taxis squeeze in the crowd. Lots of stalls everywhere. Fruit, dates, spices, shoes, textiles, washing machines, telephones, soap and plum jam.

And behind the city gate on a large square under the waving faded Moroccan flag and under the palm trees decorated with glowing LED snakes in neon colors, a night indulgence in Arabic. An Arabic singer yells at the rhythm of the drums and a squeal from the center speaker. There is popcorn, ice cream, a stall with carefully arranged apples. Kids fly and ride on glowing neon rented motorcycles. The smell of hay, popcorn and cheap perfumes.


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