Bike Jamboree

In the end, we arrived at the Ocean

In the end, we arrived at the Ocean, which means that Bike Jamboree crossed the American continent. But this does not mean that we are finishing our adventure. Now we just need to find someone strong who will help us transfer the baton to Africa! The adventure continues. Our route now looks completely different. It’s August and all America has come here for vacation. We entered the frenzy of ocean resorts from quiet and calm mountains. Pedestrian streets full of people, shops and necessarily amusement parks. For three days of driving, we passed, a state park with wild horses, overnight under a bridge, a ferry across Delaware Bay with admiring dolphins, an evening swim in the ocean, a “small” portion of ice cream, two Ocean City and a long walk on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Of course, we also met two other fantastic families who welcomed us under their roof. The plus is that it is terribly flat here, only the driveways to the numerous bridges that occur here require more effort from us, and maybe frequent driving off the red lights is finishing. We have more lights passing here than in the last two weeks. We’re going to keep looking for the perfect place to throw the baton in Morocco, keep your fingers crossed for the last straight!
Ps. Happy birthday to our Kate!

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