Bike Jamboree

Oooo so!

Oooo so! So many days and so much events in any way can not be that describe. First, the 130 km, when you think for the next 15 you can finally put in the tent, it turns out that stops you on the side Bożena (because her neighbor noticed Polish flags on bikes) and invited on lemonade. Of course on lemonade not ended. We visited the garden with goose, learned how to fish crabs, we ate thousands of goodies, we went on a trip to the first capital of Maryland and of course, we could spend the night on comfortable beds. And the morning we got omelette with crabs. Bożena with husband they gave us a lift to the port, where David was waiting for us. And again from new same adventure. David offered to come for us and take us to the other side. On the way showed us Island Tinger and told a lot of the history of people living on the Bay. Took us also on sandwiches with crabs. When we arrived to his home, it turned out that it has jetski on which taught us swim. Evening with his wife Lee-Ann we went to the local restaurants on tasting oyster (David with his wife lead one of the largest farm oyster in Virginia). Along the way David familiar us with Eve, the local hairdresser and owner of grocery with vegateables. Amazing meeting, until the next day themselves to it got the longer conversation. We are now crossing the state of Maryland and hope to see the ocean finally.

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