Bike Jamboree

The trip from the mountains turned out to be quite long,

The trip from the mountains turned out to be quite long, fortunately along the way we met Jon and his son Chapkin and saw the phenomenal waterfalls of the Great Falls on Potomac. After leaving the mountains we had to take a good rest. We also gave a break to our brave bikes @kross, which transported us through these mountains. Thanks to the hospitality of Deb and John, we could relax and visit Washington. And from what we associate it is one of the few capitals that Bike Jamboree has on the route. In any case, we went down the whole The National Mall. And even further, because wa also saw the National Cemetery in Arlington and the Pentagon with the memorial memory of the victims of September 11. By the way, our host works in the Pentagon, thanks to which we got to know interesting stories, such as the fact that there are 24,000 people working there and they have, among others, your KFC. John was also a captain of submarines and we also have many interesting facts from this work. Deb works in a school for immigrant children and teaching mathematics in it is a great challenge. Tomorrow (for you today) we are going towards the Chesapeake Bay and we already know that there is a real adventure awaiting us there! To hear.


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