Bike Jamboree

The next three days are behind us.

The days of continuous climbing uphill, to see the board at the top, that next mile only down. This is how the route goes, up and down, up and down. And that’s only half of the crossing through Appalachia. There are also surprising flat trails. For example, we traveled 60 km along a route along the river where there were railway tracks before (the Greenbrier River Trial).
On the route, of course, a lot of helpful are people. Thanks to Sandy, Cherri and her husband Jhon, our accommodation was unique. Thank you! Well, it’s impossible to hide that West Virginia is really wild and wonderful. Raccoons, snakes, doves, wild turkeys, marmots, huge birds (predators) and supposedly black bears hiding in the bushes are so close, and these butterflies are so huge!
And there are curiosities, for example, the wood used for the construction of the Titanic comes from here and in order to cut such large trees, they have the world’s largest band saw.
We recommend West Virginia for the holidays!

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