Bike Jamboree

Finally first Day on bikes @kross come for us! (stage 30)

We planned to start calmly, but West Virginia had a different plan. Up and down, up and down. And every crazy descent of 45km/h on a pretty American asphalt, generally equal, like a table.
A phenomenal view of the Gorge River Bridge 🌉 (until 2003 it was the longest arch bridge in the world, and to this day remains the second highest bridge in the USA). Suspended over 260 m above the water surface, it’s breathtaking.
After a lovely downhill ride 260 meters down, however, it was necessary to return to the height of the bridge.
3 km before the camp, the front bicycle rack of Kasia decided to commit spectacular sepuku. Fortunately, the @crossobags are great and Our equipment has not suffered. Fortunately, Kasia came out unscathed. And then boredom dinner, camp, sleeping, a raccoon robbing us after the night … bread, peperoni, cheese crackers … stuff like that. Good night.


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