Bike Jamboree

There it is. The rain.

At the beginning of our trip, we literally prayed for a few drops, but the only thing we’ve got was the heat. In these conditions, 20 days have passed.
The storm came just before we started to pitch our tents for the last time and, as befits American standards, it was a huge cloudburst. The ranger, asked when it will stop raining, shrugged. ‘Who knows? It’s West Virginia!’
Extremely soaked, we arrived to Glen Jean, where today we meet with #stage30 and #stage29retro, and then we go together to World Scout Jamboree.
We have completed the route with the result of 1500 km and 140 hours of riding a bike! After three weeks, we can confidently say that the United States can provide thrills. Only in the last days we went hiking at New River Gorge, we visited the coal mine in Beckley and the ghost town of Thurmond. But the road itself was full of surprises – fallen trees and rocks made us stop and carry bicycles, while on one side we had a chasm, and on the other – a vertical rock wall. We felt almost like in the tropical forest, because of the humidity in the air and strange varieties of plants; after a few hours of such a drive we had only one thing in mind … Take me home, country road!

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