Bike Jamboree

Try to type “mountain state” in Wikipedia.

Do you know where it will redirect you? That’s right. West Virginia. A state that is made entirely of mountains. Long-awaited on one hand, on the other – quickly hated by us. West Virginia advertises itself as ‘wild and wonderful’. The first part of this motto is easy to understand. We go mainly through forests, cut off from civilization. But after yesterday’s visit to the New River Gorge, we admit that it is wonderful. No wonder that there are so many fans of outdoor activities around here. Because of big variety of biking and hiking trials that we decided to spend an extra day here and enjoy the beauty of the wild nature.
Exhausted with heat and elevation gains, every day we analyze the route and adapt it to our capabilities. We are lucky, however, cause we still manage to find couchsurfers, even in the middle of nowhere. For example, we met Chuck – an American of Polish origin whose father emigrated to the United States during the First World War.
It also turned out that information about our relay has spread around here! Two days ago, while passing through the tiny Newton on our way to Clay, we stopped by The Newton Store, and we got to know that the owner had read about us on Facebook! We were given royal food by her, (eggs and bacon), and we also got cereal bars for the road and a few gifts. What a nice surprise! We are very pleased, and at the same time we hope that we have made a good impression. After a day of riding, it’s not that easy… you should not believe the pictures we add. In fact, we do not look so nice and clean ;D

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