Bike Jamboree

Have you ever tried to be eco-friendly 7,000 km away from home?

Have you ever tried to be eco-friendly 7,000 km away from home? ♻️ It is not easy, but we want to prove that it is possible. Stage 29 takes up the less-waste challenge at Bike Jamboree!
Just after our arrival, we realized that in the USA everything is packed in double, and sometimes triple foil, and at the checkout the saleswoman mechanically puts our shopping in disposable bags. We quickly learned to refuse – we go shopping with our own cotton bags, and we pack fruit and vegetables in homemade net bags. We use jars and ice-cream boxes to transport food and other things in panniers, we also have ziplock bags in which we pack food for the road.
Due to the fact that during the day here we have very high temperatures that affect items in panniers, we had to learn to plan wisely so as not to waste food. Instead of buying cereal bars, we prepare our “power balls” everyday. It is a mix of honey, peanut butter, and oats, that give us an energy boost. We do not take plastic cutlery and cups in bars – we have our irreplaceable travel set from Primus.

Two days ago we had an amazing opportunity to meet someone who cares more about the environment than we do. We spent the night at the Blue Rock Station farm that belongs to Annie – a woman who built her house with used tires, clay and bottled glass. On the farm nothing is wasted. The shower is rain-fed, and electricity comes from solar panels. Annie is a vegan and thanks to the summer harvest, in winter she does not buy anything for 4 months, but pet food. We learned a lot during the visit. We helped her feed the trees and look after chickens and goats 🐐 Annie shares our opinion that it is difficult to live ecologically in America, although she perceives it mainly through the government regulations. Nevertheless, it was a very valuable experience for our team and a motivation for further efforts in this direction. We encourage you to take care of the environment during your travels, because if we don’t start now, we may have no travel destination soon.

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