Bike Jamboree

#stage28 has made a quick relocation to Thunder Bay.

It is a city of over 100,000, although it can not be seen after its building. Once industrial, with a large group of migrants from Poland, today is trying to switch to tourism. We found here the equivalent of our Giewont – Sleeping Giant. The microclimate of Superior Lake makes the winters here severe and long – the nature is just coming alive. The first warm days have just arrived.

On Friday we were waiting for the arrival of #stage27B together with the local Polish community we were… making polish dumplings – pierogi. Every Friday in Thunder Bay is Pierogi Day, the whole city is eating them (even at the local pizzeria is Pierogy Pizza).

Late in the afternoon it was the first meeting with #stage27B, express packing and fast shipping of one of the bikes. A day later, the most important moment – handing over the relay baton. When you read these words, we are on the way around Superior Lake. It is time for #stage28


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