Bike Jamboree

In America, everything is big

In America, everything is big, from vehicles to ideas. We could see it at the mining museum in Chisholm. Visiting it was a great pleasure!
The Mesabi Trail is beautiful and the views are captivating.
The silence and tranquility of provincial towns still surprises us It’s inhabitants meet in a local bar, to talk and watch baseball games.
In recent days, we have plunged into wild Minnesota, and the road in the rain wasn’t easy for us. We even thought, that for now kayaks would be more useful than bicycles when forest paths turned into streams.
On the mud we could see traces of wild animals, mainly bears and roe deer, which aroused the imagination. The Indian shouts and our chants, however, effectively stopped the bears from approaching us.
In the place where we camped, we had to hide the food away from the tents so as not to attract the animals.

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