Bike Jamboree

Day 1: Billings – Custer, 94 km

We started the first day of our adventure richly – with American pancakes with banana and honey. Andrzej, our field cook would not be able to do it without a tourist burner from Primus Equipment.

After breakfast, we encamped and went towards Custer, Montana where we planned to stay overnight. On the first kilometers of the route, we were accompanied by the Yellowstone River and picturesque rocky cliffs above it.

We made the first and only stop for warm food on a 38 km route – in the town of Worden. In short: a few houses, four saloons and one gas station.

The next part of the route ran along the interstate I-94, from which from time to time one could hear the sound of a horn from a passing truck (American truck). The signal, of course, for us.

We finished the day in the town of Custer. We spent the night under the shelter, where local events take place. In the building adjacent to the roof, bathrooms were made available to us. Unfortunately, there were no showers. But it’s not a problem. We have our tourist shower, and the screen we have done with tarpa from LESOVIK.


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