Bike Jamboree

Stage 26 reports

So here we are! 👀 Stage 26 reports that the baton is already in our hands and flies towards the north. We started our adventure at Angel’s Landing😇😍😇magical place in Zion National Park, which can be summed up briefly – it is beautiful! On day 30 degrees (how much is Fahrenheit?), and at night, I think close to zero… buuuut are luckly warm sleepingbags and jacksets from PAJAK and Marabut tent is with us, so the cold doesn’t scares us! We sleep mainly on campings, but this does not exclude learning about more and more wonderful people who are really falling from heaven, probably because of these angels. And that’s how we came to Arizona today, where a great man got us from the street, and although he did not come home, he asked his two wives to have prepared a royal welcome for us, for which we will always be grateful! 🙏 In a great beautiful home, we were welcomed by a group of children whom we happily talked about about Bike Jamboree – nothing to wait for! 🙌🚲😀


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