Bike Jamboree

Something ends, something begins

Something ends, something begins – this statement is significant for the relay race.
And we waited that moment. We have already reached our port. In St. George we passed the relay baton to the stage 26. A little happy, and a bit of a strange feeling that we will not take our relay bikes, we will not pitch tents in the wilderness and the shower will become an everyday reality.
However, we finish our adventure with a nice result:
👍 we traveled almost 1,700 km (and only 1,100 were supposed to be at the beginning)
👍 we have overcome over 15,000 m altitudes
👍 we have gained a peak of 2920 m above sea level in a snowstorm
👍 we visited 6 national parks
👍 we did rafting.

👫 Lots of kind and curious people encountered on the way and
not one rainy day completes this nice picture.

So there is something to remember… And there is where to come back. Each of us has a place that he would like to visit again.

Stage 26, we wish you successful winds, beautiful views and strength. It will definitely be beautiful!

“Ride safe” – we have always been wished for it on the route and we wish you so much

And we, in order to not so brutally jump into everyday life, have already traveled with a mechanical drive to visit the Death Valley …


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