Bike Jamboree

7-9 March – Painted Desert – Flagstaff – Page, 211 km

A three-day tour through the beautiful desert, “painted” with all shades of all colors. In the distance, mountains and rocks in various sizes and shapes, at times forming a landscape like from Mars or other strange planet. Wonder! As it is a desert of civilization and a strong wind, fortunately in this direction the fordewind and the footstool of the left tack, only sometimes passing into the semi-windy, pushing us out of the way. We’ll see what will be on the way back 😉
Both nights we managed (well – Ania menaged) to arrange at the Navajo Indians. First in the church, thanks to the kindness of Pastor Walter and his wife Helena, who even prayed for us, for our bikes, for tires that would not break through, for the project around the world, for our families and friends, for Poland and for the US and still for other important matters. A very interesting experience 😍. A second night in a room with a presidium table, where the inhabitants of the town usually meet like in every american movie, in this case members of the tribe and talk about their important matters and adopt something there.


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