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“Life without adventure would be terribly stupid”

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February 26 – Apache Lake – Roosevelt Lake, 32km, 770m overhang
Continued Apache Trail. Beautiful places, beautiful views, even this gravel is not so scary 😉 After the magnificent, almost wild backwoods civilization in the form of the Roosevelt Dam makes an amazing impression. We spend the night at the campground on Lake Roosevelt. We are taming this America more and more, we do not even have a terrible nocturnal, nearby coyote howl …
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27 February – Roosevelt Lake – some intersection on the highway, 45km, 500m increase
Our routes consist of “dwonhills” and “uphills”. At the same time, the “uphills” are decidedly more often, longer and steeper 😉. However, “downhills” sometimes are false. And so it was today, after a long “uphill”, there was a “downhills”, and no bike wanted to drive… Such a false “downhill” … 🏔 We found it a sign and we pitched tents at the intersection of the highway and our dear in the middle of nothing 😎
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28 February – some intersection on the highway – Payson, 25km, 790m overhang
Today it will be very personally and emotionally. Such a day, what to do… 😉 From the beginning of planning the trip, I knew that I was her weakest link 🔗 and I think that the other members of our stage were also aware of it. Although I have tried to describe our journey objectively so that it does not lok like my subjective assessment of the situation will do with the entire team of marauders and weaklings, but today is not my day to write what others think. Coming here, I knew that I was not physically prepared for any records, the longest route I traveled so far on a bike was 20-few kilometers around Lake Turawskie, i.e. an elevation of some 15m and no panniers… So you know what I have I think… I did not think for a moment that I could not do it, the only thing I was afraid of was that I would delay the rest of the team and that they would not be able to accomplish the goals they had set up by driving here. And that’s how it is, but they are WONDERFUL. At the right moments, they make stops for the second and third breakfast, at the right moments pretend to have already gotten tired and time to stop and they have almost learned that you should not ask me how I feel and help me, and that absolutely should not be touched my bike, unless something breaks in, because I have no idea about it. Although I can already mount the saddlebags and sometimes I manage to set up a fallen chain myself, and I already know what a seatpost and yoke are … 🤣Generally, I am making progress. But you do not have to help me on the route, I always get there, where it’s needed, although a bit (very) slower than They are, but I manage and it’s really beautiful here. Every even the most demanding route is wonderful. Today, for example, it was supposed to be a lajtowy day. About 20 kilometers from our intersection to Payson, “Hajłejem.” A few hundred kilometers high, but it does not impress me anymore. In any case, it was supposed to be quiet. The boys said, however, that it would be nicer to drive along side roads … 🤣 The asphalt ended very quickly, soon the gravel road ended, turning into mud and stones pretending to be a road, some time later they stopped pretending. There was only mud, stones of all sizes, water and snow flowing from the tops and all this alternately or together, or in any configuration. And streams crossing us, sometimes flowing under snow, so you could not see them and dropped to your knees into the water … And a few hundred meters of surges … No one pretended that he got tired, everyone was falling down, drenched and muddy. Most of the road could not be driven, so we pushed our bikes. A wonderful, littel day 😍
“Life without adventure would be terribly stupid” / BiPi
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