Bike Jamboree

February 19th – our Big Day and the first bike ride

February 19th – our Big Day and the first bike ride 🚵🚵🚵 We left the Ore Valley by way of 77 up, up and down, up and up, up and down and up again. The temperature on the way varied from 3 to 8°C. None of us is prepared for such weather 🌬🌬🌬 It was supposed to be 17-23°C… Around noon we reached the top of Oracle, where we refilled energy and warmed up in the Mexican Casa Rivera bar – a decor and atmosphere like in American movies, portions also in American size 🤣
Now we were just waiting for the exit to the destination, but this downhill sometimes turned uphill again. After dark and driving 90 km, we arrived at the Palo Verde campground. Where it turned out that there is absolutely no option for us to pitch our tents, “cause it’s gonna be freezing outside”. The amazing owner, Rosie 😍 invited us home, fed us and spent a quiet night under her roof, talking to our hostess at night. More and more we like this America, maybe we are lucky, but for now we will meet only wonderful and very friendly people.

February 20th – our goal Globe. Beautiful route, beautiful views, narrow road, on one side of the escarpment up, on the other a cliff down, rocks in interesting shapes, there was a raccoon, there was an elephant, there was Christ with a halo and other large American trucks loaded with copper from nearby mine, an elevation of about 1200m, 60km in wheels. 500m before the peak due to failure of two bikes, we divided into two groups. Ania and Marek drove on to Globe cycling, the rest of the team benefited from the help of the irreplaceable Rosie and her Dodge Ram 1500. In Globe broken saddles were completely repaired by mechanics from the Martin Motorsports workshop. The stereotypical image of Americans is changing all the time. They are hospitable, friendly and selfless 😍😍😍

February 21st-22nd – weather anomalies in Arizona have again made us a joke. The first from decades snowstorm caused a closure of roads, the temperature drops below zero and we are again trapped in one place, the third night. After all, our morale is still high 😎 We wish all the best in World Thinking Day 💞
And we’re going to make a snowman 🌨🌬

Check out some video from Rosie:

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