Bike Jamboree

McBride – Tete Jaune Cache – 68 km

McBride – Tete Jaune Cache – 68 km

There is nothing like starting the day after an exceptionally good breakfast. Pacakes with maple syrup, honey, fruits. There were also eggs. Canadianness multiplied. 😋 🥞🍯🍌🍓🇨🇦

After exchanging courtesy with our hosts, we went on our way. McBride is a town for 600 people, located in a wide valley that meanders the main river BC – Freaser. And we drive with it. 🚴🏞 We arrived at a closed campsite in the town-crossroads – Tête Jaune Cache, which means “Yellow Head” in French – the exact name of Highway No. 16 – Yellowhead, which crosses route No. 3. Two main roads are a big attraction in this part of Canada. 😲

It is not without significance that Jagoda fianlly joined our race for the corown “who will get more broken inne tubes”

Tete Jaune Cache – Yellowhead Lake – 72 km

We’ve changed the seasons! We started in autumn, and literally 30 km away, we kindly welcomed the winter. 🍁🔜 Throughout the day we were driving through the Mount Robson Provincial Park. Unfortunately, this colossal summit – the highest in the Canadian part of the Rocky Mountains – remained behind the fog all the time, as did the lakes Moose and Yellowhead.

The first snow has fallen, but the temperature continues to balance around 0, so we stick well to the road.

In the infamous race of getting most broken inner tubes Maciek got the first place with four beaten, then Wojtek with Monica – 3, and Jagoda only one! 🤦

Yellowhead Lake – Jasper – 30 km

One of the most important stages achieved! We arrived in Jasper early in the midday, on the way again changing the season – there is no snow – and the time zone.
A very charming town located in the valley and surrounded on all sides by mountains. So it was a “city day” – shopping, bike shop, checking the weather. 🛒Monika and Jagoda went to Pyramid Lake using the aura, while the male part took care of bicycles and writing.

The mountain stage of our trip is ahead of us. About 250 km with two passes, 2000 meters, which means regular winter.

Distance: 370 km
Driving days: 6
Sum of driveways: 2767 m
Oatmeal for breakfast: 5
Shower: 1
Broken inner tubes: 11
Animals: a few deers and half a broken antler



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