Bike Jamboree

Lasy few days we were cycling down the hill

Lasy few days we were cycling down the hill, sometimes it was even monotonous… We know from experience that if you cycle down the hill you will have to climb back… this time it won’t be us, and next hill will be a challenge of #stage20. This days we cycled in Sun and couldn’t believe how fast last four weeks passed and that it’s already end of our adventure.

Before we arrived to PG we stayed in last wonderful place. At Felicity’s farm everything is grown by her and her partner. We had opportunity to eat home made burgers with home made ketchup and veggies from the garden. We heared stories how they moved there two years ago to start a farm. We also met two young Germans that explore Camada by WOOFing and last few weeks stayed on that farm. 🐄🐤🐣🐖🍔

We are already in PG but before we will finish our trip we have to prepare #stage20 for their adventure. 😜

Stage 19 summary:
Route: Whitehorse- Prince George
Rout in kilometers: about 1700km
Cycling up hill: 11070m
Days of cycling: 24, 27 days from the start
Bears on our way: 3
Bisons on our way: 0
Mouse in the tent: 1
Hot springs visited: 1
Camping nights: 16
Inside nights: 10
Aurora borealis: 1 but small.
Patches on inner tubes: 4
Foxes on our way: 4
Meadows on our way: 6
Broken spokes: 2

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