Bike Jamboree

The beginning of the Canadian winter.

Leaving Watson Lake heralded the beginning of the Canadian winter. The first days of our trip spoiled us and let us taste the sweet delicate autumn, which lasts about 10 days in here.

Departure from Watson Lake was quite difficult due to falling rain with snow. After about 35 km, however, we thought we were lucky and the winter was over. Another 40 km we were driving on a black dry asphalt. In the evening we warmed up by the fire and went to sleep in tents. In the morning … it turned out that that night was very snowy and it’s still snowing. We rode in the snowstorm for 5 hours. Another three over ice … In the evening we got to Jade City. This place is rather a city because it has 30 inhabitants. However, they have great hearts and invited us to Thanksgiving, which in Canada falls on the second Monday in October and gave warm rooms to sleep. It is difficult to express gratitude for such goodness. Once again, the world has proved that people are good and wonderful!

The last two days total 143 km, 834 meters high.

Stage 19 in numbers:
Route in km: 581
Sum of driveways: 3923m
Days of cycling: 6
Bears on our way: 0
Bisons on our way: 0
Mouse in a tent: 1
Hot springs visits: 0
Camping nights: 4
Aurora Borealis:
Patches on inner tubes: 0
Changed inner tubes: 0



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