Bike Jamboree

Denali National Park

Finally, we managed to reach the heart of Denali National Park. In the rain, of course.
In front of the plaque to the Park we met other people from Seattle, who were delighted with the idea of the project Bike Jamboree.
On the campsite, interesting squirrels look into the tent, and we dry wet things. We stayed here for two days to admire Alaskan nature and views Nature has been a success. At the beginning two Grizzly bears were green, white thick sheep were grazing on the high slopes, a pair of caribou was walking in a tundra and on our way back we were lucky to see two bears with young ones and a golden eagle.
Unfortunately, we did not manage to see Denali, even though we were at the best point. Grey spot
The next days of our journey are the road to Fairbanks.


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