Bike Jamboree

We are already slowly ending

We are already slowly ending 🎯🔚, and there is still so much to tell. The internet cable has disappeared 😱 also the communication is hindered but the spirit is always pedaling with you. We passed Orotukan – the original goal of our stage😁 but we are happy that we are going further🚲 We expected a metropolis, and we found a mostly abandoned city … Now we are in Atka 😎 It’s quite big village, as per the local conditions, but for today only 2-3 apartment houses are habitant, only two shops are pen and one cafe. But sad view of the ruins and abandoned cities is an increasingly common landscape… With intervals on the taiga of course! Or we should say, it’s tajga with intervals for cities, because there is more taiga 😁🌲🌲🌲😁 however, abandoned cities has also something good for us 🏘🏚🏘 Lady from the administration completely had no problem to share one of the apartments for us! 😁🙃🤗 we also wanted to try some fishing – we even got a line and a fishing rod 😝😉🐟🐠🐡🙃 but not even we managed to use it, because we were quickly given a net full of fresh, ready-to-cast Siberian fish. It was sooooo goood, especially with fresh baked bread straight from the oven, from men living in a remote hut and sighs! 😁 How can you not love these people, these places?

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