Bike Jamboree

🇬🇧AAAA only 7 days till the grand finale!

There is only a week left until the end of the world’s first cycling relay around the globe. Do you also can not believe like we ???
However, before we get to Gdansk #stage37 has to still visit Poznań, Września and Gniezno
From the caring hands of Jarocin scouts and cyclists, we came across equally caring hands participating in the #stage33 Olga Antczak and the leader #stage26 Karol Jędrzejewski. They organized meetings with scouts in Poznań, what is more they invited us to their flat and feed us with delicious breakfast but that’s not the end they also organized for us bicycle trip around Poznań with stories about ^ _ ^ Thank you for the nice time! This is amazing because especially in such moments we can see that all project participants are one of the great families on which we can always feel support. Positively charged, we set off from Poznań towards Września, where we spent the night at the Local Government School No. 3 in Września. Here all the warm memories of each of us associated with school years came to life due to the cool atmosphere prevailing in this place and help, and very positive employees at the evenings we organized a “movie night” laying on martial arts matrases ^ _ ^ in the morning we went to the local radio station Września 93.7 FM, where was our first antenna input; There was no such thing yet, for a change from the lecture. As it turned out quickly, it wasn’t our last radio input that day ;D! Surprise was also waiting for us in Gniezno, the finish line of our part (yeah, we arrived!). A moment after reaching our place of accommodation, a phone call from our media guard Adela Uchmańska “In a moment we will called you, it will be life on the radio Czwórka, stay in touch, bye ! ” double enter the radios on one day is not it the perfect final to finish the first part of the range??
The end of the journey shows Christmas decorations and fairs will appear from Poznań – probably a holy moment any time … In Gniezno we decided to celebrate the approaching end of the journey
Now we are just looking for red SPIDES ingredient set

To sum up this week, we can write in several points:
– we sleep every day in a different place: scout house, forester’s house, palace, apartment, school and hostel
-we have been on the radio 2 times
-about faults only once our chain broke and once the bag fall down
– we gave 6 performances about the project and we met a lot of cool people ^ _ ^

Thank you for everything!


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