Bike Jamboree

🇺🇸 #stage36 follows the routes of Bavaria in Germany.

🇺🇸 #stage36 follows the routes of Bavaria in Germany. We set off from Nuremberg, where we were wonderfully hosted by the Polish family Iwona Żukowska-Borek with her husband Marek. There were also local dishes, but also truly Polish ones. The next day was a trip to Amberg, where once again the Polish family Ola Miller-Sudomirska hosted us with her husband Paweł, and it was the same here as well. It’s nice to feel the real Polish hospitality on your skin, especially here in a foreign country.
Eslarn was the next point on our trip. Here, thanks to the kindness of a local priest, we could spend the night in the parish house.
Bavaria is fruitful in beautiful bike paths among even more beautiful landscapes. And these pretzels … yummy!
The sun is warming us, we are not afraid of hills. We’re going forward to Wroclaw to deliver our relay rod to Poland.
The German-Czech border is ahead of us.


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