Bike Jamboree

It’s been already three days since we started out trip through Switzerland!

Howether we’d like to call it “Rainy Land” as the constant rain is not giving up and makes the cycling very difficult. We picked up the baton in Geneva from #stage34 and set off along the northern shore of the prestigious Lake Geneva. We saw beautiful Lausanne, little Bulls and the fantastic capital of Bern. We ride in the shadow of the Alps, through villages and towns, greetings to Alpine dairy cows. We test KROSS bikes, Marabout tents and Crosso panniers in the rain. We meet nice Swiss who talk to us, curious about Bike Jamboree badges, we talk about the project and we hope that the weather will be more kind to us.
We also had the first visit to the bicycle service and repair of spokes – may these be the last problems!

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