Bike Jamboree

🇺🇸#stage34 🇮🇩 #stage35 in Geneva to host scouts

Our adventure ends, after us the brave three from stage 35 gets on the steeds @KrossBikes. The teams change in exceptional circumstances, under the roof of the Scouts Burgess family. Mark and his sons operate at @troop77GVA. The family, when asked by email about the desire to take us with tents into the garden, gave us guest rooms, a laundry, a kitchen and gave the opportunity to talk about how scouting works in Geneva. It was a very valuable meeting, especially for Mark sons, their friends from the team and for Magda and Dorota. We told about where @bikejamboree has already arrived, but also invited to Poland for @ europeanjamboree2020. On our map, our hosts made bilingual wishes (‘bonne chance’ ) and we exchanged small gifts. It was a special time, so we are counting on the second meeting on Wyspa Sobieszewska 👍👌❤️ dear friends from @troop77GVA, hope to see you soon 😘

Sunday started in good company, it couldn’t last forever. # Etap35 must continue the relay. Last touches in the book Bike Jamboree, joint packing of bikes that return with us to Poland and handing the BJ stick to the successors. Due to the heavy rain, the open air planned earlier, we changed to “roofed” and each stage went its own way. Good luck to Adam, Irmina and Czarek. We give you the bravest steeds under the sun 🚲🚲🚲
Teo, Jarek, Kasia, Magda and Dorota 👍👌❤️


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