Bike Jamboree

🇺🇸 #stage34 from France 🇨🇵 has already traveled to Switzerland 🇨🇭

KROSS bikes are unstoppable steeds that we have also tested in the rain over the last days of our stage. After southern France, we went north, where the views and elevations were more mountainous, more Swiss. After all, it’s the Alps! Tires and brakes led us safely to Geneva. Here next team was #stage35 was waiting for us along with the scout family who took us under their roof.

31.10 [rail test] Weather forecasts heralded strong wind and rain, and we should make up many kilometers up the hill. It was therefore reasonable and reasonable to take this opportunity to see how bikers can travel in France. The rail test came out great, and we could easily explore some of the monuments and find a place to sleep before dark. We needed it.

1.11 [The Alps hidden in rainy clouds] It’s close to the end of our trip and it’s basically the last day of slightly longer pedaling. Despite the cloudy weather, the mood was great, the CST Poland tires held well to the ground, while the surrounding views, again and again obscured by low-suspended clouds and the herd appearing behind the next bends, compensated for wet shoes.

2.11 [not many kilometers, a lot of work, because ‘economic’ day :)] We had overnight stay very close to the border, so we had a leisurely breakfast and started the day by washing and lubricating the bikes. We have already spent the afternoon in Geneva. Magda and Dorota are scouts, so they wanted to visit the office of WOSM, a scout organization to which ZHP belongs. Unfortunately, no one could be found there at the weekend, so the spontaneous visit ended only with a photo, leaving the Bike Jamboree scarf and a greeting email.

3.11 [we give our horses to 35 stages] The possibility of sleeping under one roof with our successors, in an extremely hospitable scout family, is the best end to a two-week challenge. There was time for good advice, joint ‘pimp my ride’ – because of our 5 bikes it was possible to assemble 3. There was a moment for integration and even ‘borrowing’ of private clothes Breakfast together, handing over the Bike Jamboree book, accompanied by young scouts # boysyautstroop77 and forward the baton. # stadion35 starts in difficult conditions, so keep your fingers crossed firmly👍

Route: Montélimar – Valence – Annesy
Km: 5km 🚲, 258 km 🚅, 6km 🚶
Overruns: imperceptible
Faults: none
Challenges: none

Route: Annesy – La Roche – Gaillard
Km: 55 km
Elevation: 319↗️474↘️ (unfortunately only from La Roche – so slightly hypocritical)
Faults: none
Challenges: slipping on wet asphalt and descending in the rain

Route: Gaillard – Geneva
Km: 23 km, mainly after Geneva
Elevation: 1215↗️1284↘️
Faults: none
Challenges: movement in a big city 😉

Route: Geneva – Warsaw
Km: km a lot but by plane ✈️
Gains: none
Faults: none
Challenges: heartbreaking parting with our horses


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