Bike Jamboree

🇺🇸 #stage34 ends the adventure

🇺🇸 #stage34 ends the adventure and has ‘good advice’ for the next stages. And cyclists in general for longer routes.

It worked out well, it’s worth having:
– pannier organizer,
– a sachet for a frame with a phone pocket for navigation,
– powerbank and double set of chargers,
– USB lights – double set,
– headlamp with red light – just in time for servicing and backup for lighting,
– reflective vests,
– diaper shorts, even if you think a soft saddle is enough,
– sunscreen cream (even if cool) and vaseline for lips,
– take little things for disguise and you ride in BJ clothes – do every 3 days collective laundry in the city laundry / hostel washing machine,
– must have cycling gloves,
– do not take selfie sticks, because the helmet gives advice,
– necessarily a buff or headphones in the ears to protect from the wind,
– string bags for your phone (you can take more from the airport),
– thermal clothes (especially merino is working),
– silicone gloves for servicing (although we did not use it, because we probably like to get dirty )
– analgesic ointment for knees and warmers for autumn and winter conditions,
– hair pins are great for repairing kabwlklw for lighting,
– for servicing instead of alcohol biodegradable decathlon degreaser
– always have toilet paper, and if you have it, you definitely have it in the motorhome.
– you are in a hostel – take tea in store,
– jeans are only useful for the plane,
– with ‘Pajak’ even to bed 👍

Technology tips:
– Google maps did not always manage, we used the and in parallel komoot, because sometimes the routing was not convergent,
– for cool reports animating the route, we checked the relive app.

At location:
– where possible – pack fruit by weight in paper bags,
– drink water from the tap – takes up a supply where you sleep – do not generate garbage from pet bottles,
– take paper maps from the tourist information office at stops – here will be current info on paths, monuments and restaurants worth visiting,
– Take a cotton bag when shopping,
– eat a full breakfast, have something for 2 breakfast and at least 2 l of drinking water on hand,
– it’s worth looking into a side street while sightseeing and looking for a climatic place 😍
– service the bike once a few days, clean & lubricate it so that it does not fail in the driveway.

In case of “fuck-up”:
– alsa (buses to Spain and Andorra) take bicycles in the luggage compartment,
– trains in France (it is possible to travel with a bicycle safely are weekend promotions),
– motorhomes also take hitchhikers with a bicycle.


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