Bike Jamboree

🇺🇸 #stage34 still cycles via France!

KROSS bikes serves us well, also because we take good care about them. Cleaning and lubrication of the drive is a standard for which time must be found. So we can trust that they will take us to the highest hill or through the worst mud. 🚲😍👌
Overnight by the sea was a shot in 10! The day can then start with a swim in the sea at sunrise, a delicious breakfast by Magdalena Marta Suchan and an interstate bicycle service by Katarzyna Wilk. The mountain stage is long behind us, so now we check ourselves and the equipment on a flat. Mud, gravel and bird habitats, the smell of herbs and breathtaking views. That was the plan for the next few days.

28.10 [spit and night watching of flamingos ❤️] There were vineyards and olive groves, now a spit! Excellent bike route, sheltered from the road for cars and with sea views and later on the backwaters of southern France. Under these conditions, kilometers grow invisible. Even Dorota Limontas, who of us has the least experience in long journeys.
Unfortunately, the morning service and the change of time stole us so much of the day that we could watch the flamingos at night, and we arrived at the accommodation well after dark. It’s good that it turned out to be a trouble-free day 👍 because we fell asleep like children.

29.10 [Rhône and birds in backwaters] Bike Jamboree made our day👌
‘Flamingos’ will no longer be, but we are counting on flora and fauna again … Because the route along the Rhone. And I must admit that she did not disappoint us. Charming views, again smells and birds of prey soaring above our heads. The vineyards were replaced with views of numerous stud farms and horses grazing along the canals. In the middle of the day a break for sightseeing and delicacies – the ‘menu du jour’ – in Saint Illes [firecracker! But about this in another post]. The day ended after dark, but where ?! In Avignon ❤️😍🚲
It was a very good Monday! 🚴👍🏛️🐎
Teo Mrczk has come up with this well 👍

30.10 [some unlucky day] When you wake up with a view of the wall, it’s a sign that you have to start the day with sightseeing 😉 and so we did. The powerful building of the city, which once competed for the popes sitting in Rome, did not take us much time, however, because kilometers will not do themselves. We moved quite smoothly, to Orange, where there was a break for a small service and sightseeing. And I think it turned out to be an unlucky city. Because when leaving Teo, he had adventures with a rear tire so complicated that in addition to independent treatments, he landed in a bicycle service after which he finally arrived at the accommodation very late. You can see such a day. For balance with the previous one. For the most persistent in servicing and running the Kasia peloton – physio massage at the end of the day, spanko and press on !!

Route: Viaz – Agde – Sete – Aigues Mortes
Km: 95 km
Elevation: 995↗️993↘️
Faults: 0
Challenges: lost GPS and partially flooded spit paths, so alternatives had to be sought

Route: Aigues Mortes – Saint Illes – Tarascon – Avignon
Km: 96.5 km
Elevation: 954↗️982↘️
Faults: 2 flacos
– drift on mud during a ride on the Rhone valley & thorns
– changing tubes in the dark

Route: Avignon – Orange – Montélimar
Km: 90km
Elevation: 942↗️841↘️
Faults: Armageddon with the bicycle of the leader 😉
3 flacos, but Kasia also patched from the previous day = 7 glued patches, two thorns, one glass
Challenges: patience! For inner tubes 🤣
RECORDS: Kasia & Magda squeezed the whole route – including the last 15 km – against the wind on a bicycle in the dark ❤️


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