Bike Jamboree

#stage34 [KROSS bikes service]

Most of the route is behind us so you can start summarizing. Our service master – Kasia – efficiently covers sticking patches, replacing inner tubes, as well as cleaning and lubrication on a regular basis when we pierce them. I must admit that KROSS Trans 10.0 bikes are light – which is valuable during more difficult conditions. They can also be compactly packaged – when you need to send them by bus loose plane. And at the same time, easy for quick repairs. With the help of basic tools and even hairpins 🤣😉😎 Thorns, glass, even when driving more carefully, can be treacherous. Admittedly, as for the tests we undergo on the #KrossBikes tour, a punctured inner tube is nothing. After the mountain stage, we now have more flat, but nevertheless daily routes close to 100km a day, give bones. Stones, gravel, mud, asphalt, slippery, and bicycles bravely cycle❤️


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