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🇺🇸 #stage34 – halfway there! We’re in France! 🇨🇵

We’re in France! 🇨🇵
A week ago we got on bikes in Barcelona. The first two days bravely accepting the challenge of really long routes. Then there were difficult routes (mountain part) or in difficult conditions (rain, snow, strong wind in the face). It happens that we end the day really late in the dark, going down to the place to stay, but always safe. None of us was hurt, except for the painful ones, of overtraining bodies, but then a well-equipped Medyk Rescue Team comes in handy. KROSS bikes without any flaws, except for a few punctured inner tubes, but there is no wonder, they get pretty hard to the bone.
It is good, moods are great, although the vision of driving for another week still raises the question – will we manage? And then we go to sleep, get up, get on our bikes and drive on. Because two-wheelers alone will not reach Geneva.

25.10 [charming French towns and conventions] France welcomed us at the Rat Pass the day before with difficult conditions. We were tired. We started the day with a quiet breakfast and a walk around the town, just in time after 12 hours on the trail. It was still hard to believe that this crazy idea was realized 🚲⛰️❄️🌧️
We set off only before 12.00.
The route is planned so as to relax a bit – mainly downhill, joint stops in charming towns, views of the Bieszczady mountains. Sunny and not too warm. And in the evening overnight in an old parish house, right next to the charming main square. We will not write stories here, but seriously, google it. A-ma-zing!. 😍

26.10 [Carcassonne – do you know this board game ?!] The plan is a unique seat for the final of the day, most of us wanted to have time to explore, so we went smoothly in the morning. The weather was supposed to be good and the views rather flat. And were it not for this very strong wind, we would probably have arrived and Carcassonne quite early. And yes, the rebellious Doris knee forced her to ‘catch her foot’ with the bicycle, and us to divide the group into ‘sightseeing’ and ‘packing’ the bike, because Jarek had to go back to work and his bike had to take a bus to Geneva. The plan was made in 100% and to be honest, we do not know whether we were more impressed by the fortifications of the 6th century or the ultra-light, cleverly packed packet with the KROSS bicycle 🚲😍😎.

27.10 [what the cannal! 😉] Forecasts again announced a strong wind, but we chose the bicycle route – EuroVelo, along the Midi channel *. So, sheltered from the wind, we absorbed the atmosphere of French Sunday. Vineyards, olive groves, autumn colors … Family walks, barges shaking, playing boules and escaping from traffic. Even during a picnic by the canal, Magda undertook rescue operations while mooring a barge with a steering problem. We made a small stop for dinner, but somehow the Beziers energy did not stop us for long. It flashed well, so ino mig, we landed at the seaside for the night 🏖️ what? 😉😍😎

*it is worth reading about the history of the channel and – being in France – use #Eurovelo.

Route: Auzat – Poix – Mirepoix
Km: 45 km
Elevation: ↗️↘️
Faults: 1 flakos
Challenges: don’t stay in visited cities for a long time, because time is chasing.

Route: Mirepoix – Carcassonne
Km: 48 km
Elevation: ↗️↘️
Faults: none,
– wind exceeding 20 km / h blowing straight in the face

Route: Carcassonne – Beziers – Viaz
Km: 113km
Elevations: 653↗️753↘️
Faults: none
Challenges: none 🚲😉😍
RECORDS: Doris rode her longest distanceon a bike ❤️


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