Bike Jamboree

🇺🇸 #stage34 Bike Jamboree got to France!

Although you will have to wait for next part of news from the road, untill we get to the next border. Today few words about something really important. That is about about our group, because unfortunately after one week one of our fantastic five must return home (due to lack of leave 🙁).

A well-coordinated team can embrace a challenge, withstand harsh weather conditions and apply to each other when kilometers swell in their legs. And above all, have a great time together.

And that’s how it was. For a group of people who didn’t know each other before, it is really estimated for the Leader of the range, behind the “selection”

Today Jaro is on his way to Poland, one of two males of the herd, inseparable (so far) part of the best service team… We will miss you and he will probably miss us too.

Who will give him such a delicious breakfast, if not Magda. With whom will he service bikes with pit stop service in Formula 1, if not with Kasia. Who is able to sell such cut retorts and will sing while driving, if not Dorota. And above all, someone else will paint him such a cycling challenge if not Teo.

#Stage34 is a well-balanced team that perfectly complements competences. And if it wasn’t for the fact that Kasia is from June, we would be sure that Teo was selecting specially “October” children.

Thanks to #bikejamboree for being able to meet. We are already planning a “agter camp meeting”, beside from the Bike Jamboree fin final.


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