Bike Jamboree

🇺🇸 #stage34 in Andorra

These were two days full of impressions and new challenges. Each of us has experience. One rides a bicycle, one runs, other runs an obstacle or goes to high mountains. But before that none of us brought a bike to Rysy 😁

23.10 [light in the tunnel] Every day we learn something new. We’ve already driven tunnels, even at night, but this time we drove up over a kilometer!
😉 Although there is no separate bicycle path, it was safe and the drivers greeted us. Then a quick visit to Andorra la Valla, from which the rain drove us away and an overnight stay in a charming valley to the sound of a flock of sheep bleating outside the window.

24.10 [international cyclist day and anniversary of Kukuczka’s death] Both days not mentioned by accident, because we spent 12 hours today in the high mountains with bikes. Why? Everyone knows how to cross the border along the road, so we took the challenge of crossing it through the mountains, through the famous smugglers’ crossing. The weather on the Andorra side was fine, but later, as in the mountains, everything changed ❄️🌧️ A lot of ramps, at the end bringing bikes with panniers to a height of 2540 m a.s.l. Firecracker views! ⛰️ Reliable #pajaksport dove jackets saved us from the cold, #KrossBikes underwent baptism in the high mountains and proved to be both light and reliable during downhill rides in difficult weather conditions. Rain, snow, fog and streams up to our knees totally missed us, fortunately #crossobags protected the rest of our things from moisture.

To sum up our cycling in Andorra … We are enriched by a considerable baggage of experience. 😍👍👏 And pride, there’s nothing to hide! This team can carry bikes through the mountains ❤️
To sum up the Andorra fragment of # stage34, we recommend the region to cyclists 👍🚲👏 Well marked paths, friendly drivers and pedestrians greeting us warmly.

Route: La Seu de Urguell – Andorra la Valla – Llorts
Km: 32.6 km
Elevation: 1555↗️1047↘️
Faults: 2 flacos
Challenges: Pont Pla tunnel – 1.26 km

Route: Llorts – Auzat
Km: 38 km
Elevation: 1180-1870↘️
Faults: none
Challenges: Port du rat [rat pass] 2540 m a.s.l. + weather conditions: firecracker turning into armageddon 😉
Side effects: + 5cm to beat, + 100pt to immortality 😉




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