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#stage34 🇮🇩 starting from rainy La Seu de Urguell

Hola! 🇵🇷
🇺🇸 #stage34 🇮🇩 starting from rainy La Seu de Urguell today, on the border with Andorra for the fourth day of pedaling 🚲 We hope that the climb will be less “wet”. 🤞 Crosso water resistance tests passed!

[23.10. Today] Rainy and stormy ⛈️ but moods are great and PAJAK heats up. Yesterday we changed the plan from a very mountainous one in the national park to a bit safer safety first!

[22.10, yesterday] we regretfully left the hospitable home of Josefina and her husband Josep, who on Monday took us under their hospitable roof in Bagà, on the border of the Pyrenees. The marriage of avid retired cyclists took us to a delicious dinner, dessert and today a Catalan breakfast. In Catalonia, you don’t leave the table! 🥘🍲🥗 We squeezed full of energy to the border with Andorra. Dorota had to completely reset today, but the other four also needed a little less kilometers in their thighs. An afternoon with a home-made dinner – Magda missed cooking. And then the bicycle service of the tireless team Katarzyna & Jarosław.

And the day before:
[21.10] Manresa-Suria-Berga-Bagà Mooocno section uphill. People are very nice. And everyone repeats: remember that downhill “poco, poco”. Pooowolutku. We are going to listen to the advice of smiling highlanders. Although, as it turned out … Not everyone, Kaśka is indestructible on the route, and Magda, as she has 🐇, just follows him. At the end of a long day, the most wonderful #hotshower ever was waiting for us. We felt at home ❤️

[20.10] We arrived to Manresa straight from the infuriated Barcelona, in which we took the baton from the smiling stage 33. Handing over the equipment took us a moment, KROSS bikes in great shape. Same as Ania, leader of the thirty-third. Anna, thanks for great communication weeks. And respect for the whole route. The next cake with you is already in Poland.

Dry facts (we liked the idea of #stage33)
Takeover of bicycles and the first ‘ride’ around Barcelona.
Faults: 1 flakos

Route: Barcelona – Manresa
Km: 66.8
Elevation: 1000m↗️800⬇️
Faults: 1flakos on the same bike as before

Route: Manresa-Suria-Berga-Bagà
Km: 88.2
Elevation: 1800m⬆️1300
Faults: none

Route: Bagà – La Seu de Urguell
Km: 41.3
Elevation: 222↗️690↘️
Faults: none
Weather like autumn in the Polish mountains ⛈️


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