Bike Jamboree

Summary of the next three days of travel?

“It’s strange to walk on feet” 😅
“Slow the flow”
“Tranquila” – means approaching a relaxed life, accepting that everything comes with time, without nerves and stress.

As the sun comes after every storm, so after the first three hard days, the time has finally come for a more joyful time, in many aspects 😊.
Over the duration of the project, it has been assumed that it takes 3 days to reach the good cooperation and in our case it worked 100%.
It’s cool! 😁💪.
We did a summit meeting sitting in a circle near the camping pool. We agreed what we do well and what we do wrong, we set organizational rules and divided responsibilities for morning and evening. Along with developing the rules of joint travel, the terrain on our road changed to less demanding … The driveways were smoother and the asphalt was even nicer. Or maybe we made it ?? 😅 One thing is certain – we finally had the strength to admire the views. And in Andalusia – one of the seventeen autonomous communities making up Spain – there was something to adore! ❤️ Beautiful coastal landscapes appeared, and those mountainous (part of the highest chain of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain) did not leave us😊. Could there be a better mix for the visual experience than this electrifying combination😍? The golden-gray color of the static mountains is sparsely cut with sparse green patches and the still undulating blue sea, all this seasoned with beautiful asphalt and the tireless sun traveling across the sky. In all this, the icing on the cake were the charming towns, modestly hidden between the hills, white, gently clinging to the slopes of the mountains just like the morning mist.
Stunning views and the prospect of the approaching first day off from the trip gave us wind in the spokes. After the first night at the campsite, of course, successful thanks to the @Marabut tents in Castilla de Banios, it was time to stay again at the incredibly helpful Spanish scouts this time in Almeria. And thus our long-awaited day has come! 😊 Everyone had a different plan to spend it, however, we agreed on one thing – we will sleep long! 😀
It was a delicious breakfast, a trip to Granada made by some and others to Decathlon 😄, bicycle service, time on the beach and in the sea water. We charged the batteries, made up calls to family and friends, and … we found it strange to walk on our feet: D dressing them up, dressing up, and standing still – quite pointless. Even we wanted to go to the beach on our KROSSiki❤️
But do not think that during these three days it was only so colorful. In addition to the hot and burning skin – especially between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM, funded by the hot and dry climate in Andalusia – we’ve had broken spokes and catching the foot to the nearest service from the news (again and again it went quickly – we are doing better: D), quadruple EL FALLED CHAIN ​​- pulling out the jammed element was helped by Guardia Civil (well, no one would refuse help our ladies;) and a few EL FLAKO but these incidental events were rewarded with views and music flowing from the loudspeaker dangling on the leader bike ers.
In the next post we will let you know how in Andalusia, in turn, looks what was created by human hand and what we think wonderfully completes the whole picture showing us 😊 Meanwhile
Before us is the road to Carboneras, Augilas and Murcia. Keep your fingers crossed for everything to go well 🤗
The music that accompanies us:

Dry Facts Corner😉:

Day 4, 02 October, Wednesday
Nerja – Castillo de Banios
Route: 70 km
Elevation: 1350m
-el flako 2

Day 5, October 3, Thursday
Castillo de Banios – Almeria
Route: 88 km
Elevation: 793m
-el flako 1
– red spokes 2
-el chain dropped 4

Day 6, October 4, Friday
Route: 0km😀
Elevation: 0 m😀
Faults: 0😀


¡Adios! and see you soon!

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