Bike Jamboree

“God, this is a drama”

“Blood, sweat and tears” – a lot of sweat.
We don’t know what better sums up our first 3 days of the journey. On September 29, we set off! On Sunday morning at 8.00 am, for the first time, we put up the packed saddlebags happy to be punctual in time and … it started 😅 “my tire is soft and yesterday it was not …” “hey, mine too” “and I don’t have what to hook panniers from below “etc .. Beng! 9:30 we sit on the bikes😐 slightly annoyed but excited before the road. We drive! We drove 2 km and we hear: a crash – the trunk went – and a moment later after him like a mocking sound of the seagull “HA HA HA HA” leaving as if understatement “WHAT THE CYCLISTS! HOHO!”. We laughed ourselves that even a seagull had a lot of fun with us. Fortunately, Maciek quickly embraced the matter along with the best friends of all travelers – triptychs: D, in turn, with the chain falling in his bike was not so light – the decision “he doesn’t use 1,2 and 3”
All right, we are going quickly, because 100 km ahead of us and overnight at Scout Marco. Ahem. Wait, what’s “fast”? Mother Nature had a different plan for us. “Good morning, steep climbs, up, down, up, down and repeat many times” Our route led through many elevations and additionally unpaved roads we came across shortly after we finally started. At noon there was no cloud in the sky and temperatures reached over 30 degrees. The first tears appeared. And soon after them the first blood when one of the participants, despite the cautious, infinite reminders of the leader about not accelerating to the max (who wants to listen to it since the descent down such a nice ) had a seriously looking dump truck. The second soil of the day was epic and worth the distinction in the post, but not dangerous, just such a bum in tropical 3-meter calamus😄. There was a lot of sweat from the very beginning, but everyone wanted it. We arrived at Marbella overnight – the road did not allow otherwise, but there was waiting for us a bed and breakfast organized in the parish by scout Marco and priest Rafa. It was pleasant, tasty and in a warm atmosphere. Thank you again very much!
The next day was supposed to be lighter – only 50 km separated us from Malaga. Ha what is it for us after yesterday’s hundred. We were surprised how everything could be broken another lesson from the trip “don’t get used to your plans”. Instead of leaving in the morning we started at 11.00 – because the opportunity to eat breakfast with priests was impossible to refuse ❤️. And then, unfortunately, not downhill at all. A specific EL FLAKO which forced us to hitchhiking to the nearest service, finishing the driveways and such heat that even the cacti withered away. What’s more, one of the participants disconnected from the group and went off to the wrong place, followed by the rest of the team. After that, she set the wrong destination and the drama was ready again. After many kilometers and communication, the navigator determined that “right away, someone is going wrong here because the destinations are different” a temporary heart attack overwhelmed everyone – “Is it just we climbing without sense?!” 😱 after a few moments it turned out that the group with the navigator he goes well, and at the same time, somewhere down below the group that descended to the picturesque Ojen wrung their hands – that is, vertically up again, thus repeating the elevation and the route double 😟. We arrived, we survived but what life is that 😅 The whole day was repaired by my beloved Scout Thano and the delicious barbaque he organized, which exceeded our wildest expectations. Other scouts came. The evening was spent talking, laughing, eating and learning Polish 😅 The third day went well, despite the 75 km everything went smoothly and we arrived in Nerja finally at the normal time 💃 . It was the first beach and swimming in the sea, a charming hostel with a roof terrace. Phew I think we’ll go straight after 3 days
Report from next 3 days soon! Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed 👍🙏

😄“Dry Facts Corner”😄

Day 1, September 29, Sunday
Algeciras – Marbella
Route: 100 km
Elevation: 1173m
– El flako: 1
– El fallen chain: 2
– broken trunk

Day 2, 30 September, Monday
Marbella – Malaga
Route: 47 km
Elevation: 796m
– El flako: 1

Day 3, October 1, Tuesday
Malaga – Nerja
Route: 75 km
Elevation: 444 m


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