Bike Jamboree

We did it! #stage30 reports task completion

We found a high and strong hand that helped us move the baton to Morocco 🇲🇦. It means that we got to our finish line, to New York! The American adventure ends here. Time for Africa 🙂
The Statue of Liberty 🗽 is the best symbol of our project. Bike Jamboree shows that there are no borders, and every person you meet is like a family.
Summary #Stage30:
1700 km (1060 miles)
24 days on the road
9 flat tires
2 replaced wheels
12 hosts met with their families
3 bears and thousands 🦌🐿🐰🐍🦅 etc.
2 ferry crossings and 1 boat
7 states
1 capital
1 national park 🏔
1 swim in the ocean 🌊
1 amusement park 🎠
… and a thousand drunk liters of water💧
Thank you all together and witch one of you. We wish you a good travel #stage31 over the Ocean!

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