Bike Jamboree

We’ve travelled a 1000 kilometers (625 miles) so far!

We’ve travelled a 1000 kilometers (625 miles) so far! We’re getting closer and closer to World Scout Jamboree! On this occasion we want to share some numbers important to us:

Days on the road: 13
Average speed: 18km/h
Burned calories: 60 000
Punctured tubes: 7
Broken spokes: 2
Eaten jars of peanut butter: 4
Amount of water we drank: a lot!
Swims in lakes: 5
Yacht cruises: 2
Nights in tents: 4
Nights in camper: 1
Hot tub baths: 1
A barber: 1
A garage sale: 1
…and a bunch of amazing people we meet everyday. Usually we spend evenings (or mornings) with them, depends on where we stay and what time do we have to leave that day, and we share stories with each others. This is the way we gain knowledge about America. We had an opportunity to watch a new season of Stanger Things, do yoga with an yoga instructor, attend a concert of Bucyrus’ local choir… we have also found a new entertainment: shopping in these huge supermarkets, where one can get lost and found over and over again. We don’t visit museums; mostly because there is no museum here. But the thing we found worth seeing was the Old Road Dinner Train in Blissfield. The whole village looked like it was frozen in the 19th century. Our mates from #stage29retro would like it! We send warm wishes to them! 🚲

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