Bike Jamboree

„what ya want, honey?

Ohio welcomed us with a “what ya want, honey?” thrown to us by a waitress in a bar on a camping where we slept yesterday. And then there were none. We miss Michigan’s landscapes, we admit it. We had to made a friend with a corn, cause there was nothing more on either side of the road. The heat is becoming a serious problem – we can not get used to it as soon as we should. What is more, every day we have to fix our equipment. But without a help from strangers it would take much more time. We also learn a lot from each other, and as a group we have the same aim. So while we are going south, Martyna became our front support and she’s waiting for us in Glen Jean. Some things have to be prepared before we approach World Scout Jamboree, and it is not so easy as you think, especially because we encounter rules that can not be omitted.

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