Bike Jamboree

Bismarck – the capital of North Dakota

After the great battles with the wind, we managed to get to Bismarck – the capital of North Dakota. This small town is located in the middle of the state, which means that we are getting closer to Fargo.

The last 6 days were a real test of physical endurance but also of nervousness. Day by day, from morning to evening, the wind beats us in the face. Once, right, once. For 6 days, our day looks the same. Departure from the campsite, full-day wind-fight, arrival at camping, sleeping.
Even when going downhill you have to pedal so that the bike does not stop.

Sometimes the group pierces a moment of weakness. Just like during a snowstorm, there are moments when you do not want to go any further. We all feel tired. Whatąs worst, the weather forecast are not giving us anz better news…
But we won’t give up! We have a strong group and we will support ourselves until the finish line.


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