Bike Jamboree

On our way we still meet wonderful people

On our way we still meet wonderful people – full of warmth, good heart and joy and inspiring to act and make dreams come true. One of them is Julien Defourny – a photographer from Belgium, who set off on his cycling journey 3,5 years ago 😱 He already traveled all South America from the south to the north and now bikes towards Alaska🚴 We met him on the way to Jackson Hole and together we traveled several dozen kilometers 😊 Beginning of May, is the beginning of the season in Wyoming and unfortunately the road that we wanted to enter from The southern side of Yellowstone is still closed due to icing and a lot of snow 😪❄️☃️ therefore we have to go around the park, do some 200km and enter from the west 👍 but we could not deny ourselves the pleasure of driving through Grand Teton Park, which was on the road towards the southern entrance and they will pass live to do it all we rented for one day a car 🤭🚕😎 However, our assumptions, ambitions and… budget do not allow for long frolics – we return to Kross bikes and go to meet the real beauty of wild nature, temporarily without reception.

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