Bike Jamboree

Direction ➡️ Yellowstone 🤩

Hey there! 😎 Half a day we’re driving up on a extremaly big mointains to go down in 3 minutes…Entertainment worth recommending, as if someone wondered, for example, what to do druing holidays. 👌🏞️ We have recently arrived at a height of about 2400m, so next time we take bikes to Rysy 😆 (hidhest peak in polish Tatra mountains). We visited Antelope Island – a beautiful place where all the insects of the world gathers! Seriously. If someone wondered where the flying worms come from, it’s definitely from there. They were quite bothersome on bikes, and although they did not discourage us, the fire brigade drew us from the island! 👩🚒 Dear Wendy, she was so worried about us that she called on firemen to escort us to a safe place where there are no flies and mosquitoes 🦟🐝 🥰 In Roy we were hosted by Stephen with family🤗 In Logan – photographer Jessie🙏 Everyone was very interested in our relay. And so whole and healthy for good we left the cities and lost the signal (yes, it is possible in America 😱). With the weather you never know, so we did not foresee the hail of the size of ping-pong balls… We came to the wonderful Bear Lake, but we have not met the bear yet… We were in the scout guards, but scouts were gone and so we returned to the cold land 🥶 It’s cold both during the day and at night! It’s good that PAJAK is with us, and KROSS bikes are doing so well. We’ve also crossed the border. Twice – Idaho and Wyoming greeted us cheerfully! The views are beautiful, and we are still up north 🚴🚵🚴 . Direction ➡️ Yellowstone 🤩

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