Bike Jamboree

Kilometer after kilometer …

Kilometer after kilometer we keep pedaling, but for now we do not meet such kind people🤔 Probably because there are no bigger cities 🏙️🌇 on the way and the ones we pass are populated mainly by tourists 😎, so we sleep on wild camping sites 🏕️ and we wash ourselves at gas stations 🛀⛽, where we also fill in our reliable stove #Primus👌😀
Generally at night, our water freezes and in the day sun gives our skin mahogany colour 🔥🌞😎 and that’s how a man tempers 💪 and he definitely gets rid of cellulite 🤭 We had only one rainy day 🌧️☔ it’s still a good result 🎯 It is not easy, because aaaallll theee timmmmeeee we go uuuuup hiiiiil 😱😅 And as you go up the hill and wind blows directly in your face,well you can imagine… 🥵🙉 But tireless #stage26 works in all conditions 👊 We came to Bryce Canyon 🙌🚲🙌 Looks familiar? 👁️👁️ Yes, #stage25 was here before us – greetings for Asia’s team👋🤗 Beautiful views 😍 See for yourself 👇🤩

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