Bike Jamboree

The last point on our cycling map was Zion National Park.

I do not know if you did not get bored. So many national parks in such a short time. We definitely did not! The last point on our cycling map was Zion National Park. 🧐
A small adventure awaited us here. There is a tunnel in the Park that only cars can drive – that means we could not go by bicycle. If you think that we had to turn around and tour around the park, then you are wrong. A nice rendger decided to help us … and he stopped a pickup for us to which we could fit our bikes, saddlebags and ourselfs. Marek and I sat in the open car trunk. It was evident, however, that the owners of the vehicle also had fun – the driver’s wife eagerly joined us. 👩👨
And so we were slowly transported to the other end of the tunnel.
Thank you funny rendger and very nice pair with a pickup truck
That’s how we got to Springdale.
Zion, as promised, was beautiful. We climbed Angels Landing, from where there is an amazing view of the Park, but it cost me a lot of fear to enter there. Steep approaches, chasms and sometimes very narrow trails can really make you feel and have a stronger heartbeat. Nevertheless, it was worth it.


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