Bike Jamboree

In Moab, we made a day without a bike!

Psst! We’ll tell you a secret. In Moab, we made a day without a bike!
It does not mean, however, that we were idle! We were a little sad that we did not manage to go down to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. We decided to take back this irreparable loss – RAFTING. 🚣

The next day, regenerated and rested, we went to Canyonlands National Park. That day we have made over 100 km and with over 1000 m overhangs!
For this we were lucky with the night – two Americans gave us a camping site, because they had to leave earlier (camping is not at all easy in such popular places, because in Utah there is spring break).
The next day, to our surprise, greeted us with snow … Again.
Fortunately, it was only a short shower, and the rest of the day sunk us with the sun. 🌞 Most of the time we traveled along unpaved roads admiring the corners of the Canyonlands area.
The end of the road to Green River, where we spend the night today, led the old highway – a festival of ruts, holes and gravel … But at least it was downhill😎


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